Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 has launched across the globe. Cue many a website crashing, much furious clicking, and the weary sight of depleted bank accounts. The $379 base price seems like a classic bait and switch tactic though, because it’s difficult to spy any partner models dropping below the $449 price of the Founders Edition.

As you’re no doubt aware the GeForce GTX 1070 offers some mightily impressive performance, in some instances offering close to twice the frame rate of its predecessor, the 970. The process shrink down to 14nm FinFET has meant an exponential leap in performance and power efficiency. Not only does the 1070 vastly outstrip the 970, it comes in with a lower TDP.

The GTX 1070 been fine-tuned for VR as well, thanks to simultaneous multi-projection and pixel-level pre-emption technologies. Check out our unveiling article for the full details.

I myself had intended to sell my GeForce GTX 970 and pick up a GTX 1070, but having clicked through to Overclockers and been met with a jaw dropping £400 price tag , only £130 cheaper than a GTX 1080, I thought otherwise. That’s your standard Founders Edition as well; an MSI Sea Hawk X will see you back £550. In Europe meanwhile you’re looking at EUR499, including tax, although this may vary from country to country.

Anyway, the GTX 1070 is in stock at a bunch of suppliers right now. They’re going fast though, but expect stocks to be replenished regularly. At the moment these are pretty much all reference boards, but you can expect to see partner-made custom efforts very soon.

Nvidia has been touting an incredible price to performance ratio for these cards, what are your thoughts? Have you picked up a GTX 1070?