Launched on the 6th July in the US, and 14th July in Europe, creators of Pokémon Niantic labs (part-owned by Nintendo) have been humbled by the meteoric expansion of the game’s popularity. Technical server problems have resulted in users unable to play the game, forcing them into a state of withdrawal.

An unprecedented success in the mobile games market, which takes advantage of GPS technology players feel like they are really collecting and capturing Pokémon in the real world. Health effects of this game has been widely publicized, making players to go out and about in there local area. Ingeniusly, it overlays their normal landscape with an augmented digital creatures projected on to the streets around them. GO Players are able to capture Pokémon who inhabit places of interest, parks, shopping areas, sidewalks and the countryside all around the world. Imagine discovering a Squirtle hiding along your local church, a Bulbasaur at the local shopping centre or a Pikachu at the bottom of Big Ben. As a player the aim is to locate, catch, battle and trade Pokémon. You are also encouraged to connect with other nearby Pokémon GO players as you do so.

Mania over the game has spurred a New Zealand man to quit his job and play it full-time. Students in Manchester have been robbed at knife point of their mobile phones whilst playing the game. In one illustration appearance of a super-rare Vaporeon pokémon in New York City resulted in a crazed scene in which players swarming to Central Park.

Top Tips for playing:

  1. An early observation for playing Pokémon GO is how it decimates battery power reducing it by 15% after 30 min of play. Switching to power saving mode, turning down brightness and disabling anything that you are not using e.g. wifi, bluetooth. Downloading a power boost app may also help.
  2. Prevent the phone sleeping by downloading an always-on app. In the sleep mode you will not be hunting pokeon.
  3. According to tech experts data usage is not high and according to American network Verizon it takes at most 10 MB per hour from your data package. So a Top Tip is to have a Power Bank at hand especially if you are on the GO.

 Finally, once the servers are sorted it should be Pokémon GO, GO, GO ……………………..